She's Everywhere I Am

by Shane Martin

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She’s Everywhere I Am

Still hits me when I hear her name, like breakin’ up all over again
Friends ask me where she is, haven’t seen us together since when
I hide behind a smile and blame, pretend I don’t know or care
Deep down in my heart I know right where
I know she’s there

(Chorus I)
She’s the first thought when I wake alone in bed
The only dream I never forget
She’s singin’ through my radio everywhere I go
She’s the phone call I hope her voice says “how ya been”?
The empty chair when I’m hangin’ with my friends
She’s the one wish that she’ll be back in my arms again
She’s everywhere I am

I quit drivin’ through her part of town and stoppin’ by our old café
Tried to drown our memories with cheap whiskey and blind dates
When small talk is about old flames, there’s still a fire inside
So I cross my heart and lie, but in my mind
I always find.

She’s the home made wine bitter sweet on my lips
A shot of moonshine like a goodnight kiss
She’s the wonder is she missin’ me every night I sleep
She’s the sweet smell of that summertime top down
Talkin’ to myself, thought I’d seen her around
She’s the boulevard or my back yard, no matter where I stand
She’s everywhere I am

She’s moved on, she’s long gone
Still I keep hearing our song

(Chorus I)

She’s everywhere,
She’s everywhere I am
She’s everywhere I am


released October 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Shane Martin Minneapolis, Minnesota

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